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About Us

Trudi Simmons Headshot

Trudi Simmons, PHR
CEO/Senior HR Business Partner
People Person, Inc.


People Person, Inc. was founded by Trudi Simmons, a Certified Human Resources Professional with over 20 years of HR expertise. Raised around a family of entrepreneurs, Trudi started People Person to help busy executives, managers, and business owners navigate through the complex world of human resources and employment laws.

We have spent years servicing a variety of industries and have seen it all! We are ready to assist you in resolving difficult HR issues while creating structure and improving processes for your entire team.

What clients love most about us is that we’re direct, knowledgeable, personable, and approachable. Our core values are integrity and compassion, and we believe that even the most difficult challenges can be resolved with the right guidance.

People Person is more than an HR Consultant, we’re your HR Partner. Allow your executive team to do what they do best, while allowing your “People Person” to take care of the rest!


We at People Person believe in guiding companies toward leadership rooted in compassion, integrity, and empathy. Our approach to HR Consulting transcends traditional compliance, fostering workplaces where every individual’s dignity and potential are at the forefront. Simply stated, our mission is to put the “human” back in human resources. 

Let’s discuss your Company’s specific needs!